Beauty Salon Software

SimpleSpa is going to improve your business workflow offering all the flexibility to manage hair and beauty salon day to day scheduling needs, with automatic Text & Email Notifications, integrated credit card processing, and online booking

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Easy, Flexible, Simple.

Our salon software is all about ease of use, add any appointment to the schedule quickly, or allow clients to book their own appointments online. When things change, you can easily modify, reschedule or cancel any appointment (or multiple appointments) on one screen.

Online Booking

Every SimpleSpa business get's a completely free booking page, and your clients select a few options from our wizard and their appointment is scheduled hassle free.

Appointment Management

Simple, intuitive calendar, redesigned allowing more staff, more appointments to fit your screen.

Email Notifications

You & your clients get notified with an automated email confirmation for appointments booked online.


SimpleSpa can automatically send email appointment reminders to your clients, absolutely free.


Booking an appointment is a simple step by step process with a few questions and selections answers, no long forms to fill out or complicated data to enter like other software

Multiple Staff

Your calendar should show all your staff, all the time! With easy scrolling and automatic detection of staff specialties, booking appointments from your calendar is simpler than ever


Overbooking is not only a standard feature, it also looks great on our calendar


Your business is growing? SimpleSpa grows with you, add a new business location on the fly, plus you get a free appointment booking page for each location you have.

An interface that makes sense