SimpleSpa Documentation Current release v4.971

SimpleSpa is designed to work with latest version of the following browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • New Microsoft Edge (2020)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

SimpleSpa also works great on iOS devices

*Extended translation supported on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

SimpleSpa works “in the cloud”. Your clients can book online 24/7, use and access SimpleSpa from any device, computer, tablet and smartphone and best of all there is nothing to install, and you always have the latest updates
Yes. If you can supply your data in a format such as Excel we will load your clients, services, products FREE of charge. If your data is in an existing system contact our support and we will advise you on the best way to migrate your data, there is a fee associated for importing Appointments, Gift Certificates, Packages and you will be quoted according to your requirements. Click here to send a message to our support team.
There is no cost to sign up and get started with a 14 day SimpleSpa trial; no credit card is required to sign up for a trial. In most cases we will also be able to load your existing clients, services, products, gift certificates for free as well. After your trial period, please see our Plans
SimpleSpa is available with a subscription only, please see our Pricing & Plans
Launch SimpleSpa and visit your Settings > Billing to securely add your credit card to your account (please allow 24h for the card to be associated to your account). If your trial is ending you will see a subscribe now bar in the top of your navigation where you can subscribe, please note that account activations may take longer for expired accounts.
SimpleSpa runs on any modern computer, desktop, laptop, tablet. SimpleSpa supports Mac and PC and can run on an iPad with ease. For optimal performance we recommend you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple's Safari as your browser.
SimpleSpa is available globally with payment processing supported in 41 countries, we are adding localization for numerous countries and will be rolling out extended features for localization soon, if you would like a localized version of SimpleSpa that currently is not available please contact us with your request. Click here to send a message to the SimpleSpa support team.
SimpleSpa has been designed from the ground up so you can work from anywhere at any time, and bids farewell to those tedious updates you needed to do; all the updates are automatically applied without needing to actually download something to your computer. This provides you with a far more secure software that offers all the latest features, and best of all you can access SimpleSpa and all your appointments remotely from anywhere for free.
Absolutely, and you get a Free SimpleSpa booking page, so you can go home at ease and know that your clients can book any time they want, plus we give you a widget so you can easily link your booking page from your website. Your clients get a notification and your business also get's an email notification once a new appointment is booked online.
When a client visits the online booking SimpleSpa will detect your visitors browser language settings, and online booking will be in their language automatically without needing to manually toggle any language changes.
SimpleSpa has a sophisticated algorithm in place that checks the time and duration of the client who is booking an appointment online with the staff and slot if it is actually available. And unlike other software SimpleSpa only prompts your user that the time selected is not available without showing any more information about your scheduled appointments. Double booking is available by default and you can add as many double booked appointments within SimpleSpa.
Absolutely. SimpleSpa automatically sends out an appointment reminder 24 hours before an appointment to your clients email address. And you can customize each type of email reminder with your branding and what it will show, so you can write it in any language with your own custom verbiage (description) and instructions.
Yes, SimpleSpa supports sending an automated SMS/Text reminder 24h before a scheduled appointment, and if an appointment is confirmed another SMS/Text can be sent out, reminders to your staff and clients and we let you customize the verbiage of the message sent out, contact us to set that up on your SimpleSpa account, your clients will love it, and you will reduce any no-shows and keep your clients (*premium SMS currently available in specified countries ** SMS plans and pricing are available only for appointment notifications, and are not to be used for marketing. To subscribe to this plan all staff on the account must be subscribed respectively please note that a Fair use policy of 250 SMS allocated monthly p/staff and an active subscription for your business is needed for this service to be enabled. Custom Sender ID if supported is charged separately.)
We think that our software and pricing should always be simple so we are offering various two simply billing options for SMS/Text Notifications for your scheduled appointments. Pricing is at $5 (USD) per staff member per month, so if you have 2 staff members it will cost you $10 per month (*premium SMS currently available in specified countries ** SMS plans and pricing are available only for appointment notifications, and are not to be used for marketing. To subscribe to this plan all staff on the account must be subscribed respectively please note that a Fair use policy of 250 SMS allocated monthly p/staff and an active subscription for your business is needed for this service to be enabled. Custom Sender ID if supported is charged separately.)

If you are in a country that the premium plan is not supported, you can subscribe to Text/SMS bundles of 100 messages for $5 (USD) per month (pricing may vary from country, please contact us for details)
If you are an active SimpleSpa subscriber you can add an SMS plan by visiting our Contact Page and select Enable Text/SMS on my Account, or by simply emailing us and we will adjust your billing and your plan to your account, please allow 24h for enabling this feature. Note that certain regions in the world may require
SimpleSpa includes marketing tools for all their subscribers, you can quickly filter your clients based on certain criteria, and you then have the option to Export as a CSV which works in any Spreadsheet program, PDF, or Printout. To export your clients note that you should expand the viewable rows to the maximum allowed and then export accordingly. Optionally you have the ability to create your own SMS and Email if you would like to send directly from SimpleSpa, based on the number of clients/recipients you are targeting we will quote you on the price to send your campaign out, note that the average turnaround is 48h for an approval for your campaign.
At SimpleSpa we believe that your campaigns need high delivery so we take extra measures to ensure that we follow the industry standards when sending out bulk SMS and Emails for marketing, this entails a cost on our end via Carriers and also load on our Servers; ultimately you should be able to make as many campaigns as you want and we will quote you with very low rates so you can reach and engage with your desired customers. SMS/Text Appointment notifications are allocated for automated appointment notifications to be used with your SimpleSpa plan, Marketing SMS/Texts are charged separately per campaign.
SimpleSpa is the perfect tool for Hair Salons, Massage Therapy, Spas, Gyms, Hotels, Chiropractors, Pet Services, Education, Consulting, Medical, Wellness, Acupuncture, Personal Trainers, Nail Salon, Counseling, Home Repair, Financial Services, Photography, Automotive and anything that involves appointments
You can put your logo on SimpleSpa, so it shows on your online booking page and on all your email reminders, and quickly customize your email notifications and text/sms notifications with any verbiage/text you want, so that your clients always know that it was your business that contacted them.
Absolutely, with SimpleSpa you can process Credit Cards; in the USA and Canada we offer traditional merchant services, and can provide you with a EMV & NFC Compliant Wireless Terminal for all your in store processing needs (*Terminal support is exclusively available for businesses boarded via our partner merchant services).

With SimpleSpa you can also use a virtual terminal via Stripe with Apple Pay support for online booking deposits in over 41 countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil preview, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Malta, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
SimpleSpa Supports two integrations for Credit Card transactions:
  • Card Not Present: With our card not present approach you can securely accept credit card transactions, all the heavy lifting is handled directly with our CNP partners (Stripe) ensuring that no card data touches your computer and your SimpleSpa account but directly sent to our CNP partners, this ensures the protection of your customers card information. All our CNP merchants need to complete a SAQ A and Attestation of Compliance (AoC), and for your convenience this may be pre-filled and ready for submission depending on the integration partner you are using.
  • Card Present: SimpleSpa partners with the largest merchant services, and our unique integration allows you to process using a physical terminal so you can accept a credit card quickly and efficiently, this solution allows you to use one of our certified terminals with SimpleSpa and securely process credit card transactions with SimpleSpa. Our solution is Semi-Integrated, PCI compliance is not in scope and the POS does not see the card data, the Terminal handles all the card data and only passes back the authorization response. *Card Present transactions are supported with certified terminals offered exclusively from our partner merchant services.
Here is how to disable credit-card Auto-fill feature:
  • Click menu icon and go to Settings.
  • Click "Payment Methods"
  • Under "Payment Methods", uncheck "Save and fill payment methods".
Yes. We want SimpleSpa to meet your business needs all the time, whether you're growing or scaling back. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time, simply reach out to our team to adjust your account and billing.
Yes. SimpleSpa has been designed to handle multiple business locations, and each location has their own free booking page for accepting online appointments.
SimpleSpa co-locates with secure, Tier 4 data centers in Washington and for our European Clients in Frankfurt. Each data center is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year by skilled and experienced IT professionals:
  • SSAE Type II and Type III compliant
  • Zone 4 earthquake-rated reinforced structure
  • Monitoring system providing real-time data on equipment operation, enabling instant identification of problems
  • Multiple paralleled N+1 UPS modules configured in redundant systems to allow for A/B power configuration
  • Twenty megawatts of expandable N+1 power backup utilizing generators
  • A Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm (VESDA) with pre-action dry pipe fire suppression systems
  • Multiple fiber route entrances to structures
  • Access control systems (biometric scans and Personal Identification Number (PIN) access)
The SimpleSpa networks are monitored to protect our perimeter against potential threats. Possible threats include hackers, data breaches, adware, spyware, pop-ups, browser exploits and phishing attempts:
  • All secure servers are protected by layer 7 firewalls, best-of-class router technology, TLS encryption, file integrity monitoring and network intrusion detection that identifies malicious traffic and network attacks. Network security scanning helps us quickly identify out-of-compliance systems
  • All networks are monitored using a Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) system that gathers logs from all network systems and creates alert triggers based on correlated events
  • In addition to our own capabilities, and those of our hosting providers, we contract with on-demand Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) scrubbing providers that allow us to mitigate DDoS attacks
  • Intrusion detection sensors throughout our internal network report events to the SIEM system for logging, alerts and reports
At SimpleSpa we use Transport Layer Security (TLS), a form of data encryption, to ensure the privacy of all Internet communications both in our app and when clients are paying from your SimpleSpa online address:
  • Individual user sessions are identified by a unique username at login
  • Multiple layers of monitoring devices, including Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Intrusion Prevention System capabilities
At SimpleSpa we are dedicated to the six best security practices for the protection of electronic protected health information (ePHI) and credit card data, which include, but are not limited to:
  • Maintaining a secure network
  • Encrypting and protecting ePHI and cardholder data
  • Maintaining a Vulnerability Management and Assessment Program
  • Implementing strong access control measures
  • Monitoring and testing production and development networks
  • Maintaining a thorough internal information security program and policies
SimpleSpa supports customers who are subject to the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Under HIPAA, certain information about a person’s health or health care services is classified as Protected Health Information (PHI). If You are subject to HIPAA and wish to use Our Services with PHI, it is Your responsibility to request a Business Associate Agreement (“BAA”) with SimpleSpa. You are solely responsible for determining whether You are subject to HIPAA requirements. If You are subject to HIPAA and have not entered into a BAA, You must not use any of Our digital properties in connection with PHI. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless SimpleSpa and its directors, employees, and affiliates against any claim relating to a failure by You to request a BAA with SimpleSpa.
SimpleSpa is a web app and also works great on iPhones and iPads along with Android devices: Follow these instructions on adding SimpleSpa to your mobile device