SimpleSpa Documentation Current release v4.747

SimpleSpa is designed to be responsive and will work both on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Creating a new appointment on a touch enabled device

When navigating to the appointments page, the behavior to select a time slot differs slightly from a normal computer, you can scroll up and down to the respective time you want, to select that time you will need to long-press for 2 seconds so the time slot is highlighted, once a blue color appears this indicates that it is highlighted and you can release and complete the booking with the wizard.

To get SimpleSpa on your iOS device, from Safari please then follow these steps to add to your Home Screen:

Video Instructions

  • From your Android device, navigate to the SimpleSpa Dashboard from Google Chrome
  • Login and you will see the dashboard, Click on the three dots on the top right
  • From this menu select the "Add to Home screen"
  • You will confirm the App name that you would want to show on your the phone and press Add
  • We automatically show you a prompt to add to Home screen if you or your staff visit the SimpleSpa over two times on their android device using Google Chrome.