SimpleSpa Documentation Current release v4.801

The SimpleSpa Calendar is designed to show your entire business schedule, with all your appointments, and all your staff in a single window. Depending on the status of an appointment the color will change accordingly i.e. a completed appointment will appear Green unless you customize and change the color in your settings. The white slots are free slots, and you can, the grey slots are non-working hours, and breaks a lighter color of non-working slots. Appointments can be dragged to different time slots and even assigned to different staff simply by dragging, and each appointment is clickable.

SimpleSpa allows you to book an appointment with three different ways, and two really simple wizards to book fast and efficiently

Directly from the calendar click on any available 'white' slot in the calendar view for a staff you will get a wizard window, this is our fastest appointment booking wizard with two basic steps, the first step you select the service, and the second step is to add the customer information, you can either search for a customer or add their information if it is a new client. The last step is to confirm and make the booking.

Top Left Plus Button this brings another easy wizard where you select the service category, the next step you select a service within that category, and then the staff which specializes in the service offered, the date and time is selected according to availability in the next window, and then you need to search for or enter your clients information. Finally the last step is to confirm and make the booking.

Multi Button this was designed as an easy way to create multiple service appointments for the same client from a single window, i.e. a client may want to do both hair and nails, and booking via this window is easier to create that in a single window.
* Note if a client is booked for multiple services in the same day your POS/Checkout will automatically detect that and add all the services offered and complete all appointments

To process and record a transaction simply click the all services your client has been scheduled for that day will show up in the POS, and you can record the transaction for that appointment, the appointment will show up as being 'Paid'