SimpleSpa Documentation Current release v4.571

The SimpleSpa POS can be accessed either in an appointment by clicking , or in the dashboard in the

Appointment Pay Now This is accessed only via an appointment, the customer information is automatically assigned, and automatically the service assigned in the appointment is added in the POS, for fast checkout. You can select the method of payment, and add additional Services, Products, Gift Cards, Packages (the respective buttons to add those will display if they have been added to SimpleSpa and if available). If a client has scheduled multiple appointments SimpleSpa automatically groups them together and processes all appointment services in the POS, so you will notice all services scheduled for that day by the specific client. Once the transaction is recorded the appointment status is marked as Paid

Walk-in Make a Sale Just like an appointment, but here you can set the client information, and select any services, products, gift certificates and packages the client may want to purchase. This is used for clients coming for a purchase without an appointment.

Transactions When you complete an appointment, or process a transaction, a receipt is generated along with a record of each transaction item. The recorded date is today's date and not the appointment date/time, so in the dashboard you will see the revenue for the transactions processed that specific day. To view all receipts per day you can quickly do that in the dashboard and you can also view the client transactions in the client page by selecting a client

Integrated POS Terminal SimpleSpa has partnered with the leading credit card processors in the US to provide you the most competitive rates for processing credit cards directly with our checkout and POS. SimpleSpa is certified to work with a wide range of POS Terminals, allowing you to accept the new EMV standard for your business. Contact us to get a quote from our sales team for a integrated solution

Payments are automatically sent to your terminal when you press the Use Terminal button, in the event that you would like to make a manual payment without recording it in SimpleSpa please follow these instructions on your terminal:

  • The terminal will display CREDIT / SALE ... ENTER AMOUNT
  • Input the dollar amount and press OK
  • Insert the card

If you have connected your SimpleSpa account with Stripe or PayPal Here, you can process credit card payments fast and easy directly with SimpleSpa.

Stripe once your Stripe account has been connected, when you complete an appointment or make a sale in the POS, automatically Credit Card will be selected as a form of payment, and the button will automatically open a new window to enter the credit information for the transaction. Once the transaction is complete the invoice will depict both the Stripe transaction number along with the customer id. According to your Stripe settings an additional invoice may be sent to your client confirming the payment made via Stripe, and funds are available according to your Stripe Account
* To use Stripe directly with SimpleSpa we charge a transaction fee of 0.10USD or local currency depending on where your Stripe account has been created

PayPal Here once you have set your PayPal Here email address you can automatically process payments with your card reader, this feature is currently limited to an iPad using the PayPal Here application. On the POS you will have notice a second blue button next to the Process Payment this button only shows up if you have an iPad and activated PayPal Here. Once pressed the transaction is recorded on SimpleSpa and separately you are directed to the PayPal Here app to process the payment, once the payment is completed you will return to SimpleSpa
* Transactions recorded via PayPal Here are only recorded as a transaction in SimpleSpa, for any funds management including refunds you will need to use PayPal

  • Card Not Present: With our card not present approach you can securely accept credit card transactions, all the heavy lifting is handled directly with our CNP partners (Stripe and PayPal) ensuring that no card data touches your computer and your SimpleSpa account but directly sent to our CNP partners, this ensures the protection of your customers card information. All our CNP merchants need to complete a SAQ A and Attestation of Compliance (AoC), and for your convenience this may be pre-filled and ready for submission depending on the integration partner you are using.
  • Card Present: SimpleSpa partners with the largest merchant services, and our unique integration allows you to process using a physical terminal so you can accept a credit card quickly and efficiently, this solution allows you to use one of our certified terminals with SimpleSpa and securely process credit card transactions with SimpleSpa. Our solution is Semi-Integrated, PCI compliance is reduced and in some cases not in scope as no sensitive card account data is sent to the SimpleSpa POS that drives the semi-integrated terminal.