SimpleSpa Documentation Current release v4.974

With our appointment scheduling software you can have as many users as you need for free, i.e. a front desk will not count against your staff.

Adding a user

Hit the add user button and add the username, role and email

Edit a user

You can update a user password, and the login information by simply clicking on the user that shows up on the list of users you have

We have made multiple roles for the most common scenarios


Has restricted view of the appointments page

Front Desk

Can only view and book/checkout appointments for all staff

Front Desk+

All functionality besides users, reports & settings


Can view and book/checkout only their own scheduled slots


All functionality for a single location


Access to all locations in a business

When you signup for SimpleSpa a default admin user is created with your signed up information

Selecting a user, will allow you to also set manually the users password, the new password will need to be entered twice. At the moment user passwords can be updated manually only by Manager and Admin accounts.