SimpleSpa Documentation Current release v4.603

With our appointment scheduling software you can have customizable email notifications sent out to your clients and staff for free.

Customer Email Reminder

This is sent to your client if they have an email set up on their account, at any time you can change your clients preferences and enable or disable these reminders to be sent, you can customize when you want the reminder to be sent out form 24h, 48h, 1 week before the appointment is scheduled

Staff Email Notification

When an appointment is booked your staff will receive an email notification informing them of the new booking

Online Booking Email

Once an appointment has been booked online, besides the ability to add it to their Google, Outlook or Yahoo calendar your customer will receive an email informing them of their booking

Staff Login

SimpleSpa also sends out an email when you first set your staff to login, allowing them to create their own password for accessing their own appointments on SimpleSpa

Post Appointment Thank You Email

When an appointment has been completed or paid for, we will then give you an option in the appointment popup to Send Post Email this is pre written as a Thank you, but you can write anything you like directly to your client using our rich text editor, an email will be sent out to your clients email address. This feature is available only if your client has a valid email in their profile.

*Each email type can show your business logo, and each message can be customized with a message or formatting that you would prefer

SimpleSpa offers the most comprehensive SMS notifications in the industry, with each text message being customizable to meet your exact needs

Client SMS Appointment Confirmation

Once you set your clients appointment as confirmed your client will receive an appointment notification

Client SMS Appointment Reminder

Your clients receive an automated SMS reminder a day before their appointment

Client Thank You SMS

Your clients will receive an automated SMS with a thank you message, you can also include the receipt using the [RECEIPT] tag

Staff SMS Appointment Notification

Once an appointment has been created your staff will get notified to know when they have been scheduled

Staff SMS Appointment Cancellation Reminder

If an appointment is cancelled your staff will be notified of the cancellation

Daily Staff Digest

This digest sends out a message to your staff 2 hours prior to their shift, with a message telling them their appointments for the day, and an attachment of their upcoming appointments

Supported SMS Tags


Support for Replies

If your clients reply to a SimpleSpa notification SMS, that reply will show up in your SimpleSpa account when you view all the sent messages for the day and we allow you to quickly view the respective appointment with a dedicated button for that message, when navigating to the SimpleSpa dashboard replies will show up as "growl" like notification alerts

Support for Calls

SimpleSpa will also answer calls made to the number that has sent the text notification. Your clients will be greeted with a message and prompted with their next scheduled appointment date, time, service and staff member, they will have the option to Confirm their appointment directly over the phone

SimpleSpa sends SMS notifications with a 5 minute delay, to avoid accidental appointment changes - to subscribe to our SMS/Text Message Plans please click here